it's like magic

I won't lie, I am really not that good at doing makeup. The most exciting thing I can do is slap on some bright lipstick or use a different color than black for eyeliner, but you won't see me doing any fancy ass eyeshadow tricks... don't even get me started on winged eyeliner. My winged eyeliner looks about as good as Amy Winehouse's version.
Moving on...
Makeup can make such a transformation, no? Of course these women look great sans makeup, they just look DIFFERENT with makeup. Are you someone who has to wear makeup 25/8? I really don't care who sees me without it, therefore, I go to many a places looking a hot mess. Whatever. I got me a man! Here's my before and after-
You know those commercials that show before and after photos (think weightloss), the before picture always looks horrendous (hair unkept, no makeup, sad face) and the after looks like they just won the lottery (perfect makeup, perfect outfit, perfect hair, biggest smile)... these pictures made me think of that.

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